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We didn’t invent payment processing. We just made it better.

We make it easy for businesses of all sizes to process financial transactions in office, store or online using our website plugins, APIs, and virtual software.

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All in one platform

A tech stack built for scale, without the headaches.

FinZeo’s Payment Processing platform is a technology stack built for big and small business to scale without headaches.

No matter your business type, online, storefront or both our payment platform, website plugins, API’s, Payment getaway’s custom built Processing solutions and everything in between is built to your success.

Zeo Platform

Our standalone payment platform to handle all of your payment Processing needs.


Our robust API allows your developers to integrate a specialized payment getaway into your existing platform.

Zeo Pay

Need a fast, easy-to-implement solution that allows your website to start taking online ments.

Zeo Reports

Access real-time data about your portfolio to track performance and cashflow.

Insiders-only network

The right financial partners make all the difference.

FinZeo has elevated our company to a new level. We've been looking forever, trying to get another bank account. FinZeo was able to find us one and set us up with an ACH processor that doesn't require a reserve, can do same day funding, and has no state limitations on processing.

At FinZeo, we understand that having access to the right banks and financial institutions can transform your business and unleash your full potential. That's why we've worked hard to create an "insiders only" banking network that connects our customers with the right banks to help us meet their needs.

Thanks to those relationships, we're able to offer flexible payment processing services with no reserve requirements, no escrow requirements, and low transaction fees, even for high-risk merchant accounts. Let us handle the behind the scenes work to connect you to the right lenders so you can keep your attention on growing your business.

Our Services

Transactions as a service.

Every one of our merchant gateway solutions for low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts allows you to take full control of your payment ecosystem.

ACH Processing

We offer simple, safe, and speedy electronic ACH credits and debits directly to and from your customers' bank accounts.

No reserves needed Establish late cut-off times Set up single and recurring payments Pay bills easily
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Instant Funding

The days of waiting for settlement and access to funds are over. Instantly deliver funds to any debit card or prepaid card.

24/7/365 service Real-time access your funds Fast and reliable
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eCheck Processing

With our innovative Check 21 services, you can offer your customers alternative payment solutions that are not subject to ACH thresholds.

No reserves needed No junk fees or discount rates Accept more payments Bypass NACHA requirements
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Credit & Debit Card Processing

Improve your collections by easily accepting Visa/ Mastercard debit and credit card payments in real-time.

Increase cash flow Convenient payments Immediate processing
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Instant Banking Verification

Conduct funding source verification quickly and easily for both low-risk merchant accounts and high-risk merchant accounts.

Get a complete overview of an account within seconds Validate that accounts are open and in good standing
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Merchant Payment Gateway

Whether you're using our dedicated merchant gateway portal or integrating your payment system with our API, Finzeo will make your payment processing easier than ever.

No reserve requirements No hidden processing fees Minimize risk with our extensive banking network
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Take your payment processing to the next level.

Our all-in-one payment gateway solution helps your high-risk business process payments, approve loans, deliver instant funding, and issue eChecks quickly and easily.

Say goodbye to high reserve requirements and steep escrow fees, and say hello to FinZeo.

Start Saving Today.

Get a FREE quote to find out how much you could be saving with FinZeo.


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Transactions as a service.

Smart Financial Technology to Maximize Your Business

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  • Instant Funding
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  • Credit/Debit Processing
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  • Bank Verification
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  • E-Check Processing
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  • Payment Gateway
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